FRFS-WELBIO 2017 call for projects

The 4th WELBIO call for projects is open. This 4th call is at the same time the 2nd FRFS-WELBIO call for projects, managed through the Fund for Strategic Fundamental Research (Fonds de la Recherche Fondamentale Stratégique).

The rules and regulations as well as the mini-guide are available on the FRS-FNRS website. We also invite you to read the WELBIO strategic plan. Through this strategic vision, WELBIO confirms that its primary action is situated in the domain of the highest level fundamental research,  with a view to transform scientific findings into industrial applications. Such scientific research is high risk and requires a long term vision. In 2017, this long term perspective materializes through the establishment of a new funding instrument: the "continuation grant" (CGR).  The CGR aims at supporting an investigator in pursuing fundamental research in the continuity of the running WELBIO project while at the same time developing an avenue for commercialisation of discoveries resulting from this project.

Deadline for submission of projects: 15 Feb 2017..

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