Strategic Plan 2020

The Governing Board of WELBIO has approved its strategic plan at its meeting of 28 November 2016. The plan is articulated towards an ambition vision of WELBIO increasing its capacity to offer a stable and stimulating framework for the best junior and advanced investigators, and to maximise the impact of their research activities for the socioeconomic development of Wallonia.

4 strategic focuses have been defined for realizing this vision at the 2020 horizon :

1 : Build up WELBIO's research portfolio

2 : Develop WELBIO's role as an actor for industrial innovation

3 : Transform WELBIO into a real institute

4 : Accountability (Responsible Research)

Through this plan, WELBIO confirms that its primary action is situated in the domain of the highest level fundamental research. Such scientific research is high risk and requires a long term vision.

At the same time, WELBIO underlines its mission to transform scientific findings into industrial applications. WELBIO’s research portfolio has to be managed in compliance with that mission. 


WELBIO aims to provide its investigators with a highly stimulating framework. This ambition needs to be translated into multiple actions: significant (an competitive) funding, individual support,  exchanges and knowledge sharing between the teams, training, lowest administrative burden and a possible evolution towards an institute supporting investigators rather than projects.

Check the Strategic Plan.

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