With 7.5 millions € for 14 new projects, WELBIO and the FNRS give another boost to life sciences research !

The 2019 call for projects was managed within the framework of the FRFS, a specialized Fund of the FNRS tasked with the management of Strategic Fundamental Research and subsidized by the Walloon Region. It has led to the selection of 14 projects submitted by very high-level research scientists affiliated to a university of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. More specifically, WELBIO will fund and provide individualized support to new fundamental research projects in various domains such as cancer biology, immunology, immuno-oncology, microbiology, vascular system, neurological disorders, gut microbiota, diabetes and cardiology. Their results could lead to the development of new drugs, treatments or diagnostic tools (e.g. cancer, auto-immune diseases, graft-versus-host disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, obesity, antimicrobial resistance, viral infections, cardiovascular diseases) as well as to biotechnological applications.

A rigorous selection

WELBIO projects are selected after rigorous evaluation of the proposals. The evaluation was entrusted to an international and independent Scientific Commission appointed by the FNRS. The Commission ranked the proposals according to 3 main criteria: the scientific quality of the principal investigator, the scientific quality of the project and the focus on industrial valorization. This latter criterion is specific to WELBIO compared to other research projects typically supported by the FNRS.

Out of the 65 proposals, 21 were evaluated as outstanding by the Scientific Commission. This demonstrates once again the level of excellence of biomedical research in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The 7.5 millions of euros invested by the Walloon Region will let us fund 14 of them, taking into account the strategic priorities of WELBIO :

-       In order to ensure an essential long term support to the reseach projects with a high potential towards industrial valorization, the 6 best « Continuation Grants » projects will be funded. These projects are in direct continuation of a previous WELBIO project. Thanks to this new funding, the investigator will have the means to mature the valorization potential that has emerged during his previous project as well as to pursue his basic research track. 

-       In order to support young and very talented researchers, the 5 best « Starting Grants » projects were selected. These are high quality research proposals presented by 5 junior scientists who very much impressed the scientific commission during their interview. 

-       At last, in order to support outstanding internationally renowned researchers, the 3 « best out of the best Advanced Grant » proposals submitted by senior scientists, were selected.

WELBIO investigators as off 01 Oct 2019:

New projects 2019

Projects 2017 renewals


-       David Alsteens, UCLouvain

-       Luc Bertrand, UCLouvain

-       Cédric Blanpain, ULB

-       Guido Bommer, UCLouvain

-       Alain Chariot, ULiège

-       Jean-François Collet, UCLouvain

-       Decio Eizirik, ULB

-       Amandine Everard, UCLouvain

-       Esteban Gurzov, ULB

-       Régis Hallez, UNamur

-       Sophie Lucas, UCLouvain

-       Agnès Noël, ULiège

-       Benoît Van den Eynde, UCLouvain

-       Miikka Vikkula, UCLouvain

-       Jean-Luc Balligand, UCLouvain

-       Benjamin Beck, ULB

-       Fabrice Bureau, ULiège

-       Patrice Cani, UCLouvain

-       Pierre Close, ULiège

-       Stefan Constantinescu, UCLouvain

-       Pierre Coulie, UCLouvain

-       François Fuks, ULB

-       Abel Garcia-Pino, ULB

-       Thomas Marichal, ULiège

-       Anna Maria Marini, ULB

-       Marc Parmentier, ULB

-       Pierre van der Bruggen, UCLouvain

-       Benoît Vanhollebeke, ULB

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