WELBIO is an inter-university life sciences research institute based in Wallonia, Belgium. WELBIO aims at promoting scientific excellence in fundamental life sciences research and translating scientific achievements in medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary biotechnology applications.

A new metabolite repair enzyme hydrolyses damaged glutathione

In a recent article published in PNAS, Prof. Emile Van Schaftingen (WEBLIO investigator at Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)), Alessio Perracchi and Maria Veiga-da-Cunha show that the protein named ‘nitrilase-like protein 1” (Nit1) encoded by a vast majority of eukaryotes and the corresponding yeast protein efficiently hydrolyze the deaminated form of the major intracellular antioxidant glutathione.

Cell therapy to develop a new asthma treatment

GIGA-ULg researchers discovered how a non-hygienic environment, rich in bacterial DNA, helps to protect against asthma. Led by Professor Fabrice Bureau (Ordinary Professor and Welbio Investigator - Walloon Excellence in Life Sciences and Biotechnology) and Dr. Thomas Marichal (Research Associate of the F.R.S.-FNRS), the scientific team show that exposure to bacterial DNA (one of the microbial compounds) drastically amplifies a population of pulmonary macrophages and makes them strongly immunosuppressive, which prevents and treats asthma in mice. The results of this study are published in Immunity.

Prof. Cani, Francqui Chair at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Liège)

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Liège welcomes , as Francqui Chair, Pr. Patrice D. Cani, WELBIO researcher at the Louvain Drug Research Institute of the University of Louvain (UCL). Professor Cani’s research aims at understanding and clarifying how some intestinal bacteria are able to engage a dialogue with our organism and contribute to the development of certain diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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