WELBIO is an inter-university life sciences research institute based in Wallonia, Belgium. WELBIO aims at promoting scientific excellence in fundamental life sciences research and translating scientific achievements in medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary biotechnology applications.

A key role for ELP3 during breast cancer progression

In a study published in The Journal of Experimental Medicine, the group of Pierre Close and Alain Chariot, WELBIO Investigator at ULg, shows that ELP3 plays a key role during breast cancer progression.

A glue to block the function of human immune T cells

Researchers of the de Duve Institute (Université Catholique de Louvain) have discovered how a broad variety of tumor cells block the function of human CD8 T cells, the killer cells of our immune system, by coating them with a protein that could be compared to some molecular glue. The WELBIO-funded study, which was led by Anne-Elisabeth Petit and Pierre van der Bruggen of the de Duve Institute and the Brussels Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, details how this glue—a naturally occurring protein named galectin—stops activated T cells that are primed and ready to kill cancer cells from triggering their attack.

Discovery of a new metabolite repair enzyme

In a recent article published in Nature Chemical Biology, the laboratories of Emile Van Schaftingen (WELBIO investigator at UCL) and Guido Bommer report the discovery of a highly conserved metabolite repair enzyme needed for the proper functioning of two major metabolic pathways, glycolysis and the pentose phosphate pathway.

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