WELBIO is an inter-university life sciences research institute based in Wallonia, Belgium. WELBIO is funded by the Walloon Region. Our mission is to support strategic fundamental research through carefully selected projects from universities in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, with a view to transforming their discoveries into industrial applications in all fields of biotechnology.

Mutant calreticulins: first example of oncogenic “rogue” chaperones

Recent results just published by WELBIO Investigator Stefan Constantinescu (UCLouvain) and his team in the journal Blood report a novel mechanism by which that a class of mutants in the chaperone calreticulin induce blood cancers denoted as myeloproliferative neoplasms.

New type of bacteria named after WELBIO !

A newly discovered bacterium has been named after our research institute. The human gut microbe was discovered during a project led by Patrice Cani (WELBIO & FNRS investigator at UCLouvain), who proposed the scientific name Dysosmobacter welbionis

A bacteria likely to reduce the cardiovascular risks of 1 in 2 people

Patrice Cani, WELBIO investigator at University of Louvain (UCLouvain), and his team conducted the first pilot study in humans to observe the impact of the bacteria Akkermansia, particularly on the reduction of cardiovascular risk factors. The results are published in the scientific journal Nature Medicine. The bacterium significantly limits the increase of several risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

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