Cédric Blanpain (ULB), recipient of the 2012 International Society for Stem Cells Research Award

Dr Cédric Blanpain, tenure researcher of the Belgian FNRS and WELBIO investigator at the IRIBHM, University of Brussels (Belgium) is the recipient of the fourth annual ISSCR Award. This prestigious award is given by the ISSCR (International Society for Stem Cells Research) "in recognition of outstanding work and promise in the fields of stem cells and regenerative medicine". For the first time this award was given to a scientist in Europe.

Dr. Blanpain and his team of about 30 researchers are recognized for their work on stem cells and cancer.

Dr Blanpain started his research on stem cells in 2004 during a post-doctoral fellowship at Rockefeller University, USA. Dr Blanpain created his research team in 2006 in order to better understand the role of stem cells during development, tissue homeostasis and cancer initiation.

The ISSCR, which counts 4000 members worldwide (60 different countries) will be giving Dr. Blanpain the award at the ISSCR 10th Annual Meeting in Yokohama, Japan in June 2012.

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