EGFR and NF-κB : partners in cancer

In a review published in Trends in Molecular Medicine, Alain Chariot, Investigator WELBIO at ULg, and colleagues present new perspectives for combination treatments against cancer based on the role played by EGFR and NF-κB in that disease. Chariot- Trends in Molecular Medicine 2015- illustration 2 web

Oncogenic proteins cooperate to promote tumor development and progression by sustaining cell proliferation, survival and invasiveness.  

Constitutive EGFR and NF-κB activities are seen in multiple solid tumors and combine to provide oncogenic signals to cancer cells. Understanding how these oncogenic pathways are connected is critical, given their role in intrinsic or acquired resistance to targeted anti-cancer therapies.  Molecular mechanisms by which both EGFR- and NF-κB-dependent pathways establish positive loops to increase their oncogenic potential are described.  

How NF-κB promotes resistance to EGFR inhibitors is also explained.

Shostak and Chariot , EGFR and NF-kB: partners in cancer, DOI:

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