Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of WELBIO ASBL comprises representatives from academia, industry and the government.

  • Representatives of the Walloon government:
    • Vinciane Grimard, representing the Minister for the Economy
    • Emmanuël Sérusiaux, representing the Minister responsible for research and new technologies
    • Christopher Sortino, representing the Minister-President
  • Representatives of the financial and industrial sector with an interest in life sciences:
    • Philippe Denoël, Head of External R&D, GSK Vaccines
    • Frédéric de Sauvage, Vice-President, Genentech
    • Jean Stéphenne, director of several companies in the biotechnology sector, Chairman of the Board of WELBIO
    • Willy Cnops, Head Europe Access & External Engagment, UCB
  • Academic experts who are internationally recognised in thefield of life sciences:
    • Pierre Lekeux, Professor, ULiège, Vice-President of the Board of WELBIO
    • Emile Van Schaftingen, Professor, UCLouvain
    • Gilbert Vassart, Professor, ULB
  • Representatives from the universities in the French Community:
    • Fabrice Bureau, Vice-recteur à la Recherche, ULiège
    • Marius Gilbert, Vice-recteur à la Recherche et à la Valorisation, ULB
    • Jean-Christophe Renauld, Prorecteur Recherche, UCLouvain
  • Representative of the Scientific Research Funds (FRS-FNRS):
    • Véronique Halloin, General Secretary
  • Representiative of the Walloon Public Service – Operating Direction for the Economy, Employment and Research (formerly DGO6):
    • Isabelle Quoilin, Managing Director

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