Identification of gut microbes and metabolites involved in the gut-to-brain axis controlling hedonic and reward system during food intake

metabolic diseases • pharmacology • intestinal microbiota

Amandine Everard is Research Associate at the FNRS and
professor at the Université catholique de Louvain. Her work
at the Louvain Drug Research Institute focuses on the hypothesis
that the bacteria of the intestinal microbiota are
involved in the regulation of food intake. Her research on
the link between intestinal microbiota, nutrition and the
host in the context of obesity and metabolic diseases has
led her to further investigate the intestine-to-brain axis.
During this project, Amandine Everard will aim to identify
the bacteria that are specifically involved in the pleasure
and reward systems. The control of food intake depends on
a “dialogue” between bacteria and the host; the mechanisms
of this dialogue will be investigated. The role and
impact of specific metabolites will also be analysed.

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