Molecular characterization of the cellular processes targeted by the second messenger (p)ppGpp in bacteria.

antibiotic resistance • bacteriology • molecular biology

Régis Hallez is Research Associate at the FNRS and professor at the Université de Namur. His work at the Namur Research Institute for Life Sciences focuses on the regulation of bacterial stress by the guanosine penta- or tetra-phosphate (p)ppGpp. This “alarmone”, which is produced by virtually all
bacteria in response to fluctuations in nutrient availability, profoundly reshapes the bacterial physiology.

His project aims to identify and characterise the cellular machineries targeted by the (p)ppGpp in bacteria. The (p)ppGpp targets involved in the survival of bacteria upon starvation or in reaction to antibiotics will be identified. This project will open avenues towards the development of new therapeutic
approaches against multiple drug-resistant (MDR) bacteria.

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