tRNA modifying enzymes and their targets in immunity and cancer

cancer • protein reprogramming • cell signalling

Alain Chariot is Research Director at the FNRS and professor at the Université de Liège. Within the GIGA research centre, he investigates the role of genes that are not well characterised, but which are associated with genetic disorders when they lose their function, in cancer models.

This project focuses on protein reprogramming (the modification of the translation “programme” of messenger RNA into proteins), which impacts immune responses and cancer. Modifications of transfer RNAs (tRNAs) play an essential role in this reprogramming. With his group, Alain Chariot showed the role of a tRNA modifying enzyme, the Elongator protein complex, in different cancer models. Currently, he studies the proteins whose translation depends on Elongator. This projects aims to understand their role in oncogenic pathways.

Another part of the project focuses on the role of tRNA modifications in immune responses. He will further study the mechanisms by which Elongator impacts the differentiation of Tuft cells. These cells are involved in the immune response to parasites in the intestine.

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