Targeting NAPE-PLD, novel bioactive lipids and specific gut microbes to improve cardiometabolic disorders associated with obesity

metabolic diseases • physiology • intestinal microbiota

Patrice Cani is Senior Research Associate at the FNRS and professor at the Université catholique de Louvain. He works at
the Metabolism and Nutrition laboratory in the Louvain Drug Research Institute. Obesity and being overweight are associated with various cardio-metabolic risks (steatosis, diabetes, inflammation).

During his first WELBIO project, Patrice Cani and his colleagues demonstrated that intestinal microbiota contributes to the development of these disorders, in particular, by altering the production of bioactive lipids, including endocannabinoids (EC). The EC system plays a key role in regulating energy, carbohydrates and lipid metabolism, as well as inflammation and food intake (by acting on the gut-brain axis). In parallel to the work of the EC system, new bacteria have been isolated during this WELBIO project.

The next two years will allow for a study of the impact of these new bacteria on metabolic disorders associated with obesity, type-2 diabetes and disorders of the intestinal barrier.

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