Chemerin and its receptors in tumoral angiogenesis

cancer • cell signaling • angiogenesis

Marc Parmentier is professor at the Université libre de Bruxelles and manages the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (IRIBHM).

Marc Parmentier and his colleagues have demonstrated that chemerin, a multifunctional protein involved in recruiting leukocyte populations, has anti-tumour properties in various animal models. During his first WELBIO project, Marc Parmentier and his colleagues noted that chemerin inhibits the neoangiogenesis process. Since this is a key process in tumour progression, this inhibition subsequently impedes the effective vascularisation of tumours and their growth.

This second project aims to more closely study how chemerin affects the angiogenesis process in physiological conditions and during tumour development, by using a collection of genetic models in mice and zebrafish. The next two years will allow for the development of small agonist ChemR23 molecules (the main functional receptor for chemerin) and to test the therapeutic potential of these agonists against cancer.

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