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  • Drug discovery for novel targets in tumor initiation and cancer progression.
  • Based on the scientific work of Cédric Blanpain (WELBIO-ULB).
  • Founded in April 2018, raised € 17 million. More info.
Logo Gepeceron
  • Drug discovery for G protein-coupled receptor targets in solid tumors and inflammatory diseases.
  • Based on the scientific work of Marc Parmentier (WELBIO-ULB).
  • Founded in April 2020.
NeuVasQ Biotechnologies
  • Drug discovery to restore blood-brain barrier function in acute neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Based on the scientific work of Benoit Vanhollebeke  (WELBIO-ULB).
  • Founded in February 2021, raised € 20 million. More info.


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  • The partnership established in 2013 between Pierre Coulie & Sophie Lucas (WELBIO – UCL) and ArGenX led to the development of a humanized monoclonal antibody inhibitor of GARP, a novel immuno-oncology target, which is now in clinical development at AbbVie (ABBV-151). More info.
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  • A joined university-company group was established in 2020 between Kaneka, its Walloon subsidiary Kaneka Eurogentec and the laboratory of Jean-François Collet (WELBIO – UCL) to develop optimized bacterial strains for the production of biomedicines. More info.


Downstream translation projects

  • The iCone (iPSC-derived Cortical neurons) consortium was established in 2016 between the laboratories of Pierre Vanderhaeghen (WELBIO - ULB) and Philippe Hubert (U Liège) and the companies MaSTherCell and Ncardia.
  • The project aimed at developing highly functional human cortical neurons from stem cells to provide a novel platform bridging traditional laboratory and clinical testing in patients. In 2019, the consortium reached a turning point and entered into a large-scale production phase using bioreactors. More info.
  • The CiclibTest project between Pierre Roger (WELBIO – ULB) and OncoDNA was funded in 2017 by a WALInnov grant  to develop a diagnostic to stratify cancer patients for treatment with CDK4/6 inhibitors. More info.

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